Monday, June 4, 2007

Links to help out my friends

I'm doing this thing called pay per post on my other blog, thesynergizer on livejournal where I get money for writing sponsored posts on products, services and Web sites. If you want to sign up for pay per post too, you can click on the ppp button on the side of my page.

My friends and I kind of have a deal going on where we help each other out as much as possible by posting links up everywhere. The more places your link is posted, the more money you can make!

My friend newsbean was the first to sign up, before I knew I got credit for refering her.
Then kikifitz did it too, and she was the one who discovered the referral program.
I convinced katielovesjoel to join, even though she signed up under kikifitz (they are friends IRL) I still felt happy that I could help her to support her family!
And ma2cuties was actually also a friend of kikifitz who accidentally signed up under me instead. What karma I have! So I have taken her under my wing a bit and helped her to get started.

If you are wanting to make some extra money, but kind of confused about how the whole thing works, ask me and I'll help you figure it out.


Anna said...

My suggestion would be to put your badge here - the one that says get paid to blog about the things you love. If people click that and sign up, you get $15 (instead of the $7.50 for Review my Post)
Why settle for $7.50 if you can get $15.00?

thesynergizer said...

duh, that's a good idea. when i made this post, i didn't actually know that existed, but i've since found it.