Saturday, July 28, 2007

me & my monkey

i spent the morning doing the dishes with my son. there were some bubbles in some places. he got a few of them clean. he helped rinse the suds off. then he me unload the dishwasher. he also tried to eat some of the food that was dried on the plates from the night before. oh well. he's not even 20 months old yet. i don't know what i was expecting. but we had a great time and i was able to improve the cleanliness of the kitchen and watch him at the same time. who cares if we were both soaking wet by the end? that's why we don't change out of our pajamas until noonish. :-)

the question is, will the house look passable by the time the in-laws get here today at 3 p.m.? let's hope so. otherwise my MIL will start cleaning things. see, i don't care if she wants to help out while she's here with chores that were created by her existance. if we make a big dinner for them and she wants to do the dishes afterwards, great! but when she goes out of her way to find things that haven't been cleaned in a long time just so that she can clean up after us? (like the microwave?) that really really bugs me. i know it shouldn't, but it just does.

i try not to talk about my in laws on thesynergizer but it doesn't always work out that way.


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