Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My cross-dressing kid

After coming home from "going to work together" last night, Ben decided that he needed to go to work too. In order to go to work, first we have to put on our "nylon socks" and then we need our shoes.

Time to go to work Mama!

(you can see the white socks he was previously wearing on the ground, as well as the animals who are both always around whenever pictures are being taken.)


Phew. Hey Mama, did you know that working is hard work?

The most amusing part about all of this is that he isn't wearing a diaper underneath that super-big T-shirt (when he goes pee-pee in his potty, he is rewarded with some diaper-free time which he is always thrilled about) and there's one picture where you can see. Sadly, it was the very best picture because he was dancing in the nylons and shoes and looked adorable. But I am not the kind of mom who would put photos of her naked baby on the internet. That's not a good idea for a phethora of reasons. :-)

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Anna said...

He's so cute!

This is where you need to take the picture into PhotoShop and pixelize key parts of the picture - just like they do on TV.

thesynergizer said...

Oh! I hadn't even thought of that ... I supose it could work. the expression on his face is what's the most priceless, i suppose i could just crop it ... the nylons kinda look the same in every picture, you know?


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Nicolas said...

Adorable^___^, for some people, it'd be wrong/bad, for me, it doesn't(plus, i crossdress too).

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