Monday, October 15, 2007

Flip that profile

I was stuck for an idea for quite some time, but then my husband suggested that I do my next profile on these house-flippers that we met at an open house the other day. He is obsessed with real estate and anything to do with buying, selling, improving or renting houses. Basically, if it involves making money, he wants to do it.

To be honest, the whole idea kinda scares the crap out of me because I’d hate to be left in the lurch if he dropped the ball on fixing it or finding renters or whatever, and suddenly we’re saddled with two mortgages instead of extra income. But one of the reasons that I’m excited to do this profile is because I want to talk to real people who’ve suceeded at this business in our little town and see what their experience has been. Plus, house flipping is incredibly trendy right now, so I bet a ton of people will read the profile. And maybe we can even make some new friends when I’m through with the business part of the deal. They were really nice.


*Kate said...

I'm a little confused about this post. Are you calling the post a "profile?" Or is a profile something else.

Are you guys seriously thinking about house flipping? Is it really a good market for it in Washington right now? In Minnesota it was a good market for it a few years ago, but now it's not so good. I have two (separate) friends who are attempting to house flip. One friend is succeeding, one friend isn't doing quite as well. Both friends are married, but do not have kids and do have incredibly patient wives. Both friends work really long days and a lot of weekends. They both got into house flipping at a bad time. The more successful friend has probably flipped 7 or so homes. The less successful friend has actually lost a lot of money. He has a good attitude about it as he now has the goal of becoming a "handy man," and has looked at the loss of money as his schooling.

thesynergizer said...

profiles are disturbingly long feature stories we have to write on a local person (or couple) about every two months. supossedly, i have a reputation for choosing baby related people and my boss talked to me about it awhile ago ...

anyway, one of the reasons i want to write about them is that this couple HAS been successful with house-flipping and i'm curious to know more. STEPHEN is serious about house flipping. i, on the otherhand, see what kind of situation we could get stuck in and am saying no thank you. i have immense fear of dropped balls. anything where you have to go out and sell something/yourself or else you are not of the getting of the money is not a good match for my husband's personality but he keeps on being drawn to that type of thing anyway. its where the big chunks of change are, you know? the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward.