Monday, October 29, 2007

My perfect little pumpkin

During my break from work on Saturday, my husband dragged me to a garage sale at our neighbor's house. There was something I had to see, which is pretty unusual. He's not normally into garage sales and the like. Anyway, we got there and this woman was selling a ton of kids stuff, including (bum bum bum ... ) HOMEMADE Halloween costumes! She had a fuzzy pumpkin one that fit Ben perfectly! I'm so glad that he's not going to be a Mal-wart Elmo.

Seriously, we do not need to support them and we do not need to have him dressed like every other kid in this teeny tiny town. (We were back there on Sunday picking up pull-ups and the Elmo costumes were sold out anyway, so we got doubly lucky!)

I'm glad to help out this woman who had all these costumes she made for her kids and grandkids just hanging around, and I'm glad to buy something made with love instead of mass-produced in China. And I'm glad that it was only $5!!!!!!!!

We are on our way to escaping this rat race, I just know it.

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