Friday, October 5, 2007

Take your best shot

When we were dating in high school, my husband tried to explain to me all about how much fun it was to go paintballing with his friends. Well, I remained skeptical, and believe me, I was horrified the first time I saw what he looked like when he got back. I asked him how on earth paint could leave welts on his body and he explained to me its because you use paintball guns to shoot the paintballs at very high speeds at your opponents. Oh. And this is fun, because?

He then went on to explain that its like playing spy games, and way more fun than laser tag or other painless sports because its the risk of getting hit that makes it such a rush. I drew the line at letting him get his own paintball gun, because I didn't want him going all the time, but we do have a paintball course nearby, and he hasn't been once since we've moved here. There's part of me that feels bad that I made such a deal over it when we were younger. Now, I kind of get the idea of why you would want to do something so crazy and exhilarating. It brings excitement to an otherwise mundane existence. Maybe I will get him some paintball supplies for the holidays. This Ultimate Paintball Web site has pretty good prices, and I know it would be a huge surprise for him. I always get a ton more points for gifts that are completely for him and not something that I will be using too. Can't imagine why ...

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