Thursday, October 4, 2007

Round and round

I typed up something for my husband while I was at work today so that he'd be able to work tomorrow. (It's the disclaimer form you sign saying yes, i know a massage therapist isn't a medical doctor, etc.) I emailed it to myself so that I could print it out at the library. I just don't just the work printers not to accidentally print a copy of it two hours after I've left the building. Anyway, now I'm at the library but can't get it open because apparently the library computers won't let you open attachments, only save them to a disk. That's right, a disK not a disC. Who the hell has disks anymore?

So I tried to call Stephen to tell him what the problem is but he doesn't have his phone. Oh well. He and Ben can play in the kids section while I make a few quick $$$ and then hopefully he won't be too mad that I will have to stop by work at some point before 12:30 p.m. tomorrow to print this thing out for him. Hopefully. :-)


BrettBum said...

I recently declined one of your offers for my advertising review on Sponsored Reviews. I wanted to give you some insight into why I declined the offer.

When I visited your LiveJournal blog, I saw that you utilized tags that included the label, 'PPP'.

I would not want to change the way you run your blog, but from an advertising perspective, my client is not looking for reviews from bloggers that use labels such as

sponsored article
sponsored post
paid post

or anything like that. We look at it from the perspective that if the article that you write in a review can not fit within the real blog tags and categories, then maybe our advertising offer is not right for your blog at all.

Best Regards,
Brett Bumeter

PS if you choose, please feel free to delete this comment or leave it. It was intended for you, but I was unable to find a more direct way to contact you through your blog or through SR.

thesynergizer said...

Dear Brett,

Thank you so much for your feedback. Just so you know, another sponsored post outfit I work for, PayPerPost, often requires that each sponsored post is labeled as such. Some do not require it, and some state that it must not be labeled as such, so that's when I got sitewide disclosure. Even after getting sitewide disclosure, I had a post rejected from ppp because it was not disclosed in the post. I try to follow the instructions that each advertiser gives for their post, so if an advertiser requests that I do not label the post, I won't. If they say nothing, I tend to do so, because it helps me keep track of how many of my posts are sponsored so that I can keep my percentages up. (Sponsored Reviews requires 2/3 original to 1/3 sponsored, I believe.)

If you would be willing to give me another chance, I can promise you that when writing your post about the writing contest, I won't mention that it is a sponsored posts or put it in the tags. I am a journalist, so I feel that a writing contest would fit within the feel of my blog.

Thanks again for your time.