Thursday, September 6, 2007

Brown paink

I have the hardest time not talking like Ben all the freaking time. It's just so darn cute that he says "paink" instead of "paint." Anyway, I chose a nice dark brown color that matched the tree trunks on his dinosaur blanets. I decided brown was a boyish color that would grow up with him. Stephen agreeed until we got to the paint store (Ace, not Home Depot, as they have been mean to us recently) and he wigged out on me and started showing me bright blue samples. Uh, NO!

I can't handle neon blue walls, and there are already blue curtains in there and brown is a nice color that Ben will like just fine. Is it the most kidish color in the world? No, but it can be dressed up. We can get him an orange bean bag and a bright blue rug and some brightly colored dinosaur accessories. But trust me, by the time he's 9, he's going to think that dinosaurs are for babies anyway. This way, when he decides he needs a surfing theme or something, the brown walls will still be OK.

Plus I hear kids have a hard time settling down for bed in a room with brightly colored walls. Ha ha ha. Just what we need. More stuff keeping him awake. :-)

Assuming I get the painting done tonight, he'll be sleeping for the very first time in his very own room on Friday. (Which, interestingly enough, is his favorite day. He likes to shout "Fi-day!!! a lot. Why? No one knows.)

Wish us luck!


Kate said...

Fun, fun, fun. We're working on decorating our spare bedroom/playroom right now. It needs to be adult enough for a grown-up to sleep in it, but kid enough for a playroom. I'm hoping to go with an elephant theme.

I hope he sleeps in there tonight and that it goes well!

thesynergizer said...

oooh, fun! I wish we had a playroom :-) All of our crap is in the living room ...

it seems unlikely that he will sleep in there tonight, as we did not even get started painting yesterday. in a little while, lj will tell you why ;-)

Kate said...

We finally decided that we needed a playroom because our house is getting taken over by toys. So, this room is not ideal, but it will work.