Friday, September 28, 2007

Share and share alike

A few weeks ago, someone I didn't know contacted me after reading my post about the Joss Stone concert, because he wanted a copy. Well, I made him jump through a lot of hoops first because I didn't want to get in trouble or anything. But once I chatted with him for awhile and established that he was a real person and not looking to sell the concert for personal gain, I decided, hey, why not? I can do a nice thing for someone I've just met. How else are you going to make new friends, right?

Well, luckily he knew what he was doing, because it was, of course, too big of a file for me to email to him. So he told me about file sharing, which is where you put your file up on the internet and then tell the other person where to go to download it. It's kind of like hosting your photos on photobucket or flickr, but for large files such as a Joss Stone concert. I really appreciated that he taught me about this, because now I can share files with all my friends. is a really easy site to use, and its free! You can get up to 2GB of storage and even install a widget on your blog. I really liked using this service. Trust me if I can figure out how to work it, anyone can figure out how to work it.

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