Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Losing my roots

When I was pregnant, and when Ben was a new baby, I was like, no over-commercialized crappy Americana for my baby!

Now, I'm like, "OMG, Ben would look SOOOOOO cute in that Elmo Halloween costume from Mal-Wart." (Yes, we call it Mal-Wart!)

Reread that. Now take a blunt object and hit me over the head a few times.

We're meeting up with some potential new friends on Sunday, and she's all like, "My baby will never even know what Elmo is" and I laughed and laughed and laughed some more. (She knows this. I told her I thought it was funny that she was saying that.) But the truth is, I'm kind of hoping she rubs off on us somewhat. We're going out to a vegetarian lunch, which I'm pretty nostalgic for. I know I could just stop eating meat again if I wanted to, but it would be such an inconvenience to everyone around me that I just haven't. It's not that the meat is bad. It's just that there's a lot of it and I miss the creative things I used to eat when I wasn't eating meat.

At least I still drink organic milk. That's like the only crunchy thing I've got left going for me. Well, OK, that and breastfeeding my toddler. :-)


*Kate said...

**hitting you over the head.**

Though I totally never thought I'd be encouraging Melmo (as Rosemary likes to call it), either.

thesynergizer said...

Ben confuses Nemo, who he has a book about but has never seen on the TB, with Elmo. He calls the fish Elmo and we're like "that's Nemo." It's cute, in an over-commercialized sad kind of way. Seriously, I never thought I'd have to resort to such things just to be able to SIT IN ONE PLACE for a whole 15 minutes. Oh man, though you should see how excieted he gets about Dorothy though. FISH FISH! he says. (see comments about Ben and fish on reply to your comment on the birthday list post)