Tuesday, September 18, 2007

dreaming of new stuff

it's pretty sad when blogging starts to feel like work. i know things aren't going well when i think of my subject and then can't make myself sit down and write about it. i figured out today that if that's how i'm feeling, then i should keep thinking until i come up with something i actually want to/feel like writing about. once i've thought of something that i'm excited about, the words fly off my fingers and it doesn't feel like work at all.

today's subject: Ben's birthday list! yes, my birthday is before Ben's. but his is so much more exciting. :-)

1. a goldfish.

2. new books that are of a slightly older interest level than the baby ones that he's long since memorized. with interesting subjects, like fish.

3. winterish clothes in a 2T size. He has some jeans that fit, but all his 2T shirts are T-shirts or tank tops. No long sleeve stuff, no coats that fit.

4. sesame street dvds of actual sesame street. (not just elmo's world!) preferably OLD SCHOOL sesame street, when it was just muppets and people. no computerized graphics and cartoon craziness.

5. more stuff for his room. decorations, furniture, etc.

6. more art supplies. an easel. fingerpaints. oil pastels. other fun stuff.

7. fun disney movies that i approve of (maybe. we'll see how much more his attention-span develops over the next few months) like finding nemo or the incredibles or monsters inc.

8. some sort of baby-powered vehicle. a trike or a big wheels or something. he is OBSESSED with bikes.

9. a soccer ball. he is also obsessed with soccer.

10. More wooden puzzles. I got him one of those at Ross too, a jungle safari puzzle meant for ages 24 months + and he absolutely loves it. he does a good job with it too, gets a little frustrated now and then, but just says "mama help peese" and doesn't do anything rash like throw the pieces across the room.

Oh and speaking of Ross, while I was there, I saw Ben's exact dinosaur bed set for HALF THE PRICE!!!!!!! OMG, $20 for a comforter, sheets, bedskirt, and two pillowcases?!?!?!?! I never would have believe you could do that! I was happy for the $41 I found at Target. Well you better believe I snatched it right up and when we're in town this weekend we will be returning the $41 one to Target. That means not only did Ben get a free Elmo DVD and a free wooden puzzle and a free haircut (it was only $5) we still came out $5 ahead! It was like the most profitable morning of shopping ever. :-)

PS: this birthday list is not a list of requests or anything. I'm just journaling, this is not a I WANT I WANT I WANT, GIMME GIMME GIMME type of thing. A lot of these things are things I'd like to get him myself (like the fish and room decorations) and a lot of it is pretty expensive. i mean, if you WANT to get ben a present, that's very nice. i just want to make sure its really clear that i'm not begging for handouts or whatever. (i'm being oversensitive again, aren't i? OK, shutting up now.)


*Kate said...

I'm excited to get Rosemary a goldfish, someday, too. I think it will be something for after she's potty trained, because her dresser is perfect for a fish bowl ... but it's too full of diaper changing stuff right now.

thesynergizer said...

Yeah, we're gonna need to find someplace that he can still see the fish, but high enough that its not too tempting to try and grab it. I'm thinking age 2 is just about right for Ben, but part of me still thinks that no matter how high up we put it, he'll figure out a way to reach his hand in the bowl, scoop out the fish and try to eat it. I know, ewwwww, but seriously, every time he sees fish in a tank he smacks his lips together hungrily. We're now working on teaching him which kinds of fish you can eat and which kinds you can't. All of this started because, as a former vegetarian, it was important to me that Ben knew where his food came from. I've heard stories about too many kids who gross out when they realize at the age of 4 or 5 that they are eating cute animals. So I started teaching him really early, this is a live fish, but here, this is a dead fish that we can eat ... and so on. I knew I had a carnivore on my hands when we saw a live turkey and I said, "Look Ben, a turkey! That's where turkey sandwiches come from" and he started smacking his lips and moved toward the turkey as if he planned to catch it and eat it live. Yipes! :-)