Monday, September 24, 2007

Ben's room!!!

So while I was at my in-laws this weekend, I uploaded a ton of photos. But rather than bombblast them all up at once in a day-in-the-life kind of post (not that I didn't think it was a cool idea, just that the ones I took don't really tell one long coherant story) I'm going to put them up in smaller groups over a longer amount of time. Since I've spent a lot of time on this blog writing about Ben's room, I figured those ones should go here.

Oh, and Ben slept through the night on Friday night while I was working. All the way from 8:30 p.m. until 6 a.m. Wow! Of course, we couldn't get him back to bed at 6, but that's OK. Saturday night, he slept until 6 a.m. again, even at my MIL's house while sharing the bed with us. We weren't quiet either. We came in, we moved him, we got up again, we talked, and he slept through it all. AND he went back to sleep after he nursed at 6 a.m.

Yesterday night he only slept until 3:30, but still, I never thought I'd be saying he only slept until 3:30, you know? I mean, prior to moving him to his own room, I pretty much expected him to wake up before midnight (usually before 11 p.m.!) every single night. For months. Possibly even for the last YEAR. And now, he is sleeping so well! Yay. The only thing is he's still having trouble making it all the way to our room. He's suceeded at this only once, the first time he slept til 6 a.m. All the other days, he cries at the gate. And strangly, he usually cries for Papa. Once he gets in the room he wants to nurse and says "Mama otherside peeeese" but out in the hall it's "PAPA!!!" Weird.

Pictures, yay!!!!
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Here is Ben asleep on Friday afternoon during his nap.

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Here is what Ben looked like when he heard me enter the room and take his picture. He was not thrilled to be woken up. (Don't worry, it was time for him to get up anyway.)

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Here is what Ben looked like after he settled down to some Mama otherside, which always improves his mood greatly. Notice the firehose leg in the air. This is clearly because the milk comes out so fast that it shoots all the way down to his toes and makes them fly around all crazy-like.

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Here is how cute and happy we are after he is done having his otherside. Yum yum yummers. Note how ugly the wooden dresser now looks next to the painkasaurus brown walls. We tried shopping around for something to replace it with, but everything either wouldnt' work or was way too expensive. So even though its nice wood and hearing this would probably give my mom (who is a big fan of nice wood) a heart attack, we're probably just going to paint it white. It's quite old anyway, and has several stains on it. So I'm not too sad about it.

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Here are a few more shots of the rest of the room. The walls used to be white and the doors used to be wood-colored.


Anonymous said...

hi, it's powerpuffer =D

very cute room! i think painking the dresser white would be an improvement ;)

Anna said...

I love that dinosaur comforter. He looks like such a little guy sleeping in that bed. So cute!

I'm giving you an award so you can proudly display it on your sidebar - and pass along to some nice people.

*Kate said...

I like the brown! I also think painting the dresser white would be an improvement. Do you have an accent color? I think it would also look nice if you painted the outside white and painted the drawers another color. It might make it look more like a kids room. Actually, I think it does look like a kids room, but I know that was Stephen's concern.

Anyway, looks good! Sounds like Ben's getting used to it. Yay!

thesynergizer said...

Hi powerpuffer!

thank you :-) i agree, but am frustrated because its very heavy and full of crap and i know its not a high priority on the list of 75849 trillion things that need to get done in our house. so it will probably just sit there, being ugly, until we don't really "see" it anymore and it just becomes background ... oh well. maybe someone in my family will get us a cute white baby dresser for ben's birthday or the holidays ...

thesynergizer said...

hi anna! yeah, he's kinda dwarfed by the twin bed. most people are used to seeing toddlers in toddler beds ... i left you a comment about the award on your post. sorry i'm such a dufus, but thank you for thinking of me!

PS: one of the things that bugs me about blogspot that i love about lj is the way the comments automatically thread out so you can tell who each one is addressed to, instead of just posting in chronological order. do you know if there's a way to change that here?

thesynergizer said...

hi kate!

we don't have any one particular accent color yet. well, the curtains are blue .. but i don't know if that counts. i'm really wanting to get him like an orange bean bag chair that matches the orange dinosaurs. (we got lucky with the curtains, we actually got them FIRST, then they just happened to be exactly the same blue as the blue dinosaurs in his sheets.)

i think i know what you're talking about with the drawers, though i never would have thought to do that myself, i think you're right, it will definitely help make it look more kiddish.

PS: did you have to look from home to see this? I didn't know any other way to do it on blogspot, but am planning to make another photo post today, this time on lj, and try doing it the way you told me. so be sure and stop by and tell me if you can see the pictures from work. if all goes as planned it should be up sometime between 12:30 and 1 p.m. (2:30 to 3 for you)

*Kate said...

Yep, I had to look at these from home. I recently learned that you might not be able to post pictures through LJ because you have a basic account. I have a plus account, it's free but my website displays ads. So if you have troubles ... that's why.

Oooh. I think the dresser would look super fun white and orange. But white and blue would also look good!

mrshand from LJ said...

I think ya need to find some wall clings to liven up the room!

I assume you don't use the base board heaters in your house?

thesynergizer said...

hi kate,

i'm writing that post now, so we're about to find out if it works or not. i'm seriously considering upgrading though (possibly even to PAID!) because i'm uber jealous of cool polls and want to be able to make my own ...

*Kate said...

I have a plus account and I can make polls ...

Can you not do that on a basic account?

thesynergizer said...

hi mrs. hand

yeah, i'd love to find some cool dinosaurs to put on the walls ...

and we certainly won't be using THAT one :-)

we used them last year and our power bill was like $150-200 in the dead of winter. ouch. so we got a new electric forced air heater in our new dining room and we also have a wood pellet stove that we try to use as much as possible because its mega cheap.

thesynergizer said...

that's correct kate, you can't make polls on a basic account. the reason i'm looking at paid though, is because of the view 100 comments feature, which would help keep me from accidentally dropping out of conversations with people because i got so many new comments that it knocked them off the list. also, i just hate to add MORE ads, you know? the ppp stuff is probably annoying people enough. i've had my same look and feel to my lj for five years, and was THRILLED when upgrading to S2 didn't destroy that. but i'm still deciding ... so we'll see.