Monday, September 10, 2007

Painkasaurus brown

Due to Ben's fever we didn't get started with the painting until last night. It still needs another coat and the doors need to be painted too, so it will probably be awhile still before he gets moved. Anyway, my husband, who wasn't going to help me because it was my project and I'd put my foot down about the color and he had a whole deck to paint/stain before the weather turned, changed his mind last night. I don't know if he missed me or felt left out or just realized he'd been a little harsh, but he asked me for a 10-minute massage in trade for helping me paint. I said sure. (I'm no dummy!)

When we opened the can of paint and started, he said, "Well, I have to admit, this is absolutely, positively the least adult brown I've ever seen in my life." Ha ha. (He'd fussed about the color because he felt I was selfishly choosing it for me instead of Ben. "Brown is a color we'd put in the living room! It's not a kid color." Anyway, I won the argument and he got huffy about the whole thing.) But once we started putting it on the wall, he agreed that it looked good and that it was very kiddish in tone. It looked like chocolate milk, or maybe melted Hershey's chocolate. After it started to dry, it darked to solid Hershey's chocolate. But really, it was a muddy, boyish medium brown. Not at all the color you envision as an adult when you say "chocolate brown" as that's more of a dark chocolate color. Not a cheap chocolate milk color.

It was Stephen who named it "Painkasaurus Brown." And for some reason that made me giggle for a very long time. We laughed about Ben being like 8 or 9 and asking us why we called the walls in his room "Painkasaurus Brown" and me started to tell him and him saying, "MOM!! Is this another story about when I was a baby? Nevermind, I don't want to know ..."

The color is going to look so good with his new sheets. And I really think it will dress up nicely with some colorful accents. As for paying for a bunch of kid furnature? Well, maybe we'll put it on his birthday list :-)

PS: I found out "Fi-day" means French Fries. Ha ha ha. And I had all these holier-than-thou asperations about him eating tofu and spinach and kale and not even knowing what junk food/fast food was until he was a lot older. Oh well. At least we haven't crossed the pop threshhold yet. After that, all will be lost.

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