Tuesday, September 11, 2007

That day between Sept. 10 and Sept. 12

I hate 9/11. Not just that one, everyone hates that one. I hate all of them. This is only (I think) the second one I've had to work since 9/11 became a date to remember. I think I worked 9/11 in 2003, the year of my internship in Pennsylvania. The only reason I could think that I wouldn't have been working is if it happened to fall on one of my days off. Since then, I've spent quite a few 9/11s with Jessi, but not really on purpose. It's not as if I was specifically calling her up and saying, "Hey, it's 9/11, we should hang out." She just happened to be visiting Idaho at that time of year for a couple years. I'm trying to remember what I did last year. I think I might have actually been working last year too ... or maybe not because it was a Monday, so I could have had it off from working the weekend.

Regardless, the whole day gives me the heebie jeebies. I know its dumb to be nervous. I mean really, if you were a modern-day bad guy, wouldn't you plan your plot for some other day? Not the day where security is heightened and everybody is paranoid already? Of course you would. You'd pick some random day like Christmas or June 16, or any other time when people aren't expecting it. The chances of another bad thing happening on 9/11 are I'm sure, very low. But I still have trouble getting through the day. I hate being at work. I hate reading the wire. I hate listening to the radio or reading the interwebz or going anywhere near a TV. I want to get in a car and drive to Boise and go to the art festival thing. Or paint pottery at Robin's shop and go to the hotsprings. Or take my son on a little picnic in the park. Anything but being here, stuck with my head buried in the media, working.

Here's one good thing about the fact that it's 9/11. Happy 21 months to Benjamin. Big boy room switch looking likely for sometime this week. Tomorrow possibly. I can't believe that he's now closer to 2 than to 18 months. Soon I have to stop giving his age in months at all. Even now, I tend to say that he'll be 2 in December. I can hardly believe he's growing up so fast! Soon it's my birthday and then Thanksgiving then holidays galore then before I know it I'll be stressing over weaning and the terrible twos and TTC and looking forward to a new, and very different (G-d willing) life.

Here's hoping everyone's 9/11 is uneventful and over with quickly. :-)


Anonymous said...

Sept. 11 is my mom's birthday and the birthday of Bear Bryant.

The Muslims can go fuck themselves. It was our day first.

thesynergizer said...

happy birthday to your mom. i bet she's pretty pissed that its never the same as it was pre-2001. hopefully she still manages to have a good birthday both today and in the future.