Friday, August 17, 2007

Beautiful children

I saw my friend's future children at Baskin Robbins last night. It was pretty awesome. Two girls, ages 7 and 5 (or so) and they had mocha skin with a sprinkling of freckles over the bridges of their noses, LONG brownish wavy hair (past their waists) and warm mahogany brown eyes. Stunning children. They were getting ice-cream with their white dad, mixed mom, and full Korean grandma. (I'm normally kinda bad with this sort of thing, but I'm pretty sure she was Korean and not like Chinese or Vietnamese or something.) The mom was clearly just half Korean, making the girls 1/4 Korean, as will be the case with my friend when she and her husband get around to having babies. (Excuse me. ONE baby.)

I almost took a picture of them, but then decided that their parents might get creeped out by that. So instead, I just caught the dad's eye as we happened to be leaving at the same time as them and said "You have beautiful children." He said, "OHHH, thank you so much!" I was quite pleased with myself. Dads don't tend to hear these things about their kids as much as moms do, so I think I really made his day. As they were getting into the car, I could see him talking to his wife and gesturing toward our car. :-)


Anna said...

I bet they were beautiful. I used to have friends who were half French and half Filipino. They were gorgeous! I'm sure they still are. I just haven't seen them in a long while.

I tagged you for the middle name meme. Have you done it yet?

thesynergizer said...

Not only have I not done the LAST meme you tagged me for (the 8 things) I didn't even see this one at all. do you know if blogger has the equivelent of an lj friends list/page? i'd love to read my friends' blogger blogs but have no idea how to do so other than to go to them all individulally. and i apparently suck at remembering to do that.
but i will do this meme here for sure. today! i promise.