Friday, August 3, 2007

my first blogspot friend

So I never really pushed this blog very hard. I told all my friends on my other blog, thesynergizer that it existed a few times. but i didn't say GO READ IT! and for the most part, because I didn't really have very many readers, i didn't write that often. It's a downward spiral. when i met my new friend anna, at bcmom she actually found this blog of mine on her own, because she has a blogspot blog too! when i first saw her comment in here, i couldn't figure out who she was. but then i stumbled over to her blogspot blog and i figured it all out. and she had linked to my lj from her blogspot too. that was very nice of her.

there are one or two people from lj who wander over here on occasion and read this, but its nice to have a blogspot friend on blogspot. it's amazing how just a comment or two here and there can be so motivating. so my goal is to write at least a couple times a week now. maybe people will figure it out on their own. :-)

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