Saturday, August 4, 2007

memories of my little baby

we watched videos of ben's first birthday this morning because he wanted to watch tv. "TV!!!!!" he said, banging on the TV cabinet. fine.

first, OMG I can't believe I was crying then that he wasn't a baby anymore. he is such a little baby in that video! i cried as soon we turned it on. and also, i uh, hate to say this, because it makes me sound way more egotistical than i am, but i think i looked really pretty. i remember choosing my clothes and doing my hair for that day, keeping in mind that we'd likely be seeing the video a lot for years to come. i know i've seen it since we made it (at least once right away to make sure it came out OK) but i don't remember thinking i looked especially nice then ... maybe its because i look worse now, LOL!

anyway, ben watched for awhile, and then got bored and tryed to push a lot of buttons and turn the TV off.

oh well. he is only 20 months. he shouldn't be watching TV anyway.

This is what Ben's first birthday was like, FYI:

OMG itz mah birthday!
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i get good stuff?
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wow i like stuff!
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