Friday, August 31, 2007

Riding a wave of luck

I came in last night (again!) to try and get some of my mountains of work done, knowing that I am leaving for the weekend and everything is due before I go. After working for a little bit, I realize one of my stories doesn't have a photo with it. I find out that apparently, the reporter didn't arrange for one to be taken or ask the guy for a historical one to submit, because "I didn't know I was supposed to." Great. All of the other reporters did it, but you didn't know? Aren't you the SENIOR reporter who's been working here longer than anyone else? And you didn't know you were supposed to arrange your own photos for the special section story you were working on? Because in the past, the photos magically took themselves? No, the reporters are ALWAYS responsible for arranging them, unless told otherwise. Which would be why everyone else just knew to do it.

Thankfully, this appears to be my week for lucky breaks, as with just three phone calls, I've managed to track down a photo we can use. AND the guy's going to bring it in, so I don't have to go gallivanting around town on the day that all my stuff is due.

Also, my husband is having his surgery today on my lunch break. Good thing I have a whole bunch of extra time on my hands today in case his appointment runs long ... oh, wait.

ha ha ha. its my very own wait joke. ask me sometime if you would like to hear the history of wait jokes. I'd say more now, but, as I said, I'm lacking of the time :-)

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