Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Worrying myself to an early grave

I feel stupid even saying anything about this because its so dumb and totally not a big deal at all and if he knew it was bothering me he'd probably laugh for like a week and a half, but I guess I've been kinda worried about my husband having minor surgery this Friday.

The procedure itself is like no biggie, just an in and out thing, but its that they're removing some moles. And insurance is paying for it. And he sidestepped some questions and changed the subject, but my wifely brain says the doctor found the moles "suspicious" and frankly, so do I. I've been bugging him to go in and get them looked at for quite a while, just for peace of mind. And I guess what I was expecting was them to look and say "Oh, those are fine. Stop worrying so much." But instead they're removing them. Like FOUR of them. Dude. I was only worried about two.

So. The chances of my 26-year-old husband having skin cancer are probably very low. And even if he did, the chances of it being serious are probably EXTREMELY low. But does this stop me from fretting about it? Nope. Not even a little bit.


Kate said...

Aw, I am sure he will be completely fine. But I'll say a prayer anyway. :-)

thesynergizer said...

thank you. i like to think it helped :-)

last night, i finally told him it was bothering me (he, of course, had no idea) and he explained that the moles were "suspcicious" because they are the kind of moles that have a much greater chance of turning into cancer later on, so that's why they're removing them now. to be preventative. they will not even be testing them or anything. taking them off is all that is needed to ensure his health. and he apologized for not explaining better before, but since he has medical training, it all made inplicit sense to him, so he didn't think to spell it out for me.

i do feel kind of silly, but happy to have said something nevertheless. if i hadn't written, i probably would have just kept my worries bottled up instead of talking to him.