Sunday, August 26, 2007

Beautiful the way you are

After chatting with my cousin on Friday, I went out and rented "Real Women Have Curves." I've been wanting to see it forever and ever, and she NEEDED to see it because I'm gathering that her self-esteem is draining from her by the day. No, not the mean girls in school. Her mom.

My aunt is overweight. A lot. Yet she rags on her daughter for not being toothpick thin. My cousin is not yet 13 years old. She will be starting 7th grade in a few days. And she is so very beautiful. A real knock-out. The kind you don't want to let get too close to boys because she looks three years older than she is.

I can't believe my aunt has been making comments about her weight and her shape. Telling her she has to wear her pants around her waist to hide her middle. I sputtered at that for many reasons. I'm 25 and I'll tell you, no one under 40 wears their pants at their waist if they know what's good for them. Dude, that's why God gave you hips. To hold your pants up. :-)

Anyway, the movie came to mind, and I prayed it would be good. We talked about it after, and she said she thought it was "Okay ..." and I agree, though I liked it, it left a lot of loose ends and didn't hammer home the "skinny isn't everything" point much at all. It was just a subpoint of the movie.

But, I know that even when you pretend not to listen, sometimes words and ideas seep in anyway. I hope the next time her mom says something to her, she remembers what I've taught her.


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