Friday, August 3, 2007

i just want to relax

we're going on vacation next week, but with a toddler, i doubt it will be relaxing. for three of the four nights, we're staying with my friend in her one bedroom apartment. i'm sure it is not childproof. this does not sound relaxing. i have a ton of work to do at work before we can go, stuff that absolutely HAS to get done, and i can't even make myself start on it. the only good news i can come up with at the moment is that my other web site, finally reached a PR of 1, so hopefully I can start pulling in some more income ASAP. my husband is too busy remodeling our house to bother with starting his new job. in my personal opinion, its only going to be so long before they declare him a flake and give it to someone else. i know we're going on vacation soon, but its only for four days. he could at least call them once a week or so to check in ... and not like finally getting his insurance and having his first client means he is going to be WORKING all four hours of each day. its massage. you go in when you have a client. if you don't have any appointments, you don't have to work. whatever.

my mom is sending money too, to help pay for the vacation (we're going to see my great-grandmother for her 100th birthday) and my dental bills. she's a very nice mom. and the rest of our financial woes? well, what doesn't get gifted to us from various family members who feel bad about our house will have to be earned by me. i knew when i married my husband that our finances would most likely be my responsibility throughout our lives. i never had any expectations that he would be worth much financially. so when we were living in idaho and he had a successful massage therapy business going, i was proud and happy. but still, he used a lot of his money on dumb "investments" for the business. "if you don't put money into it, it will never grow bigger." yeah, but you have a bad track record with what you choose to spend your money on. anyway, anything he ever put toward household expenses, i was grateful for.

fast-forward to now, if he ever gets an income, i'll consider it a bonus. but between my job and my blogging, i know its up to me to earn enough to see us through. if we are having struggles, well then i just have to work harder. such is life.


Kate said...

I hate going to non-childproofed places. I always find myself moving things and kind of child-proofing the house myself. But then I wonder if it's rude and try to redirect Rosemary. It seems like I can redirect and redirect and the other person never gets the hint. So what do I do? Move the object myself or just get stressed out?

Also, I think your attitude toward being the money-earner in your family is very admirable. I am so not that way. I mean, I am the money earner and I can't say that Joel is trying THAT hard. But he is trying and we both have the expectation that someday this is going to be turned around.

But I have never wanted to be anything other than a stay-at-home mom. So that might have something to do with it.

thesynergizer said...

No, its rude to let your kid break their crap. Moving their crap is not rude, its required. I try to put things back how I found them when I am done visiting someone, but its hard to remember where everything went, especially if you have to move a LOT of stuff.

Some people just can't imagine the kinds of things that little kids get into so they do a bad job of proofing before you get there. Other people don't even think to do it themselves, and then, there are my favorite people. They're the ones who talk to the kid directly and say, "Don't touch that" and then leave it where it was.

Yeah. That's gonna work.