Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Happy teeth

I have major issues with my teeth. Thankfully, I've never lost a crown, but I have chipped a filling. If it had been in the front where people could see, maybe I would have been motivated to get it taken care of right away. But instead, it was way in the back and I just ignored it. That allowed the root to get infected and lead to my eventual root canal. It was expensive and painful and just plain stupid of me to let it get so bad. I do still have dental fear, but it's getting better now that I've learned about the drug that helps you sleep through the procedures. Now, I know that if I were to chip another filling or actually lose one of my crowns (I have three now, yipes!) I'd be smart enough to go in right away.

But that's sometimes easier said than done. Dental emergencies don't just happen from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, you know? So in the meantime, I happy to see that there's a new product out there called Dentemp OS which will help manage the pain of a chipped filling until you can get an appointment to have it repaired. It also works as a paste to help cement a crown back on should it pop off at some random time. (This has happened to my mother and she couldn't eat for days!) I'll be sure and let her know about this temporary dental repair product. It sets in just 30 minutes and then you can even eat on it and everything. It's obviously not designed to hold as long as real dental work, but it will sure get you through in a pinch.

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