Friday, November 23, 2007

Support your local artists

I am getting so frustrated with the rat race and commercialism and manufactured Made In China products. Learning to knit has really put me in touch with the amount of love you can put into a handmade item. When something is made by a person, it's not only more honest, its one-of-a-kind. I would really like to do more of our holiday shopping at places like the St. Augustine Artwalk, where arts and crafts are sold by the people who made them and are just trying to make a living doing the thing that they love to do. These are the kind of people who need our support this Christmas, not the big box stores of the world.

I think the fact that this town has a First Friday Weekend Art Walk every month is absolutely awesome. Around here, the most I can hope for is to hit a few of the holiday bazaars while they last. We as a nation really need to start supporting locally made things. If I were in Florida, you better believe I'd be at this event. The only thing I love more than pretty artwork is pretty original artwork. :-)

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