Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Reach out and help someone

It's that time of year again when we are stretching our budgets to the very last dime that all the heartstrings tend to get pulled the most. There are so many important causes out there and you just can't support all of them, no matter how much money you have set aside to give, it's never enough. Usually, I let my son put loose change in the Salvation Army cans and that's about it. We are just so strapped at this time of year that we can't really afford to do much more.

That's why I thought this Web site was so brilliant. Everyone is out shopping for the perfect holiday gift, and a lot of us tend to shop online. It's just less frustrating than going out to real stores and waiting in lines. Well, what if I told you that there's a way to shop online and directly benefit Alzheimer's research at the same time? By purchasing heart of care jewelry for someone you love this holiday season, you're not only getting a beautiful gift, but showing your support for this important cause.

My husband's grandmother didn't have her mind for the last 10 years of her life and it was really hard for everyone, especially my mother-in-law, who took her into her home after she couldn't care for herself anymore. I have to say, even though I didn't even know her that well, it is really hard to see a grown woman lost in the abyss of her memories and past without knowing who she is or what she's doing. She used to get up in the middle of the night to shush us while we were watching movies, thinking we were her own children and the whole thing was taking place years and year ago. I have never experienced anything quite like speaking with someone who doesn't see you for who you are. This disease is so heartbreaking for everyone involved, but especially the person's loved ones.

We recently saw the movie "The Notebook" and they did a really good job of depicting what it's like to love someone who is suffering from memory loss. Hopefully, a cure can be found soon. Please take a moment to visit these sites and give if you can.

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