Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Mix it up

I’ve always wanted one of those pretty mixers that you put on your counter and push a button and it does the rest. No fuss, no muss.

This Hamilton Beach® Stand Mixer fits the bill perfectly. It was awarded a “Best-Buy” rating by two different leading consumer magazines and it comes with a three year limited warranty. I tend to gravitate toward companies that stand by what they make. Seems less likely that you’ll end up in the middle of a recall.

The Eclectrics® Mixer comes in lots of colors, and at first I couldn’t decide at all. I narrowed it down to the sterling color and the sugar color. The sugar would probably match our black and white kitchen a little better, and interestingly enough, it seems to be cheaper. $200 isn’t bad for such a fancy mixer. This thing can mix the dough for nine dozen cookies at once! It’s definitely tougher than any job I ever see myself tackling in our homely little kitchen.

But the most exciting thing of all is that Hamilton Beach® is giving away a free Hamilton Beach® Mixer to the top ten bloggers who post the most creative videos. I would absolutely love to win this contest because we currently only have a little hand mixer. It’s also a Hamilton Beach® mixer, and has lasted us a long time. But it only works for little jobs, and we often make a mess with it. I’ve been very sastified with the brand, but would love to get a big countertop mixer as well.

They are also offering free shipping throughout the month of November. Go check it out. Even if I don’t win, maybe I’ll throw it on my Christmas list. My mother-in-law loves to get us kitchen items.


Anna said...

I think you're cheating by including the cute kid! Cute kids always get votes.

thesynergizer said...

awww, thanks. but its not voted on. they just choose the 10 they like the best. he is cute though, isn't he?

Carrie Smith said...

I was looking into doing this one but I'm not feeling well and wasn't in the husband has lots of great ideas though...could he star in my video?
Great job!

Kate said...

Awesome! I love it, Rosemary was watching it with me and her response is. "nyum, nyum, nyum!"

thesynergizer said...

carrie: i think your husband could be in it too, but i'm pretty sure that it can't be just him. it's your blog, so you have to appear in the video.

hope you feel better soon!

thesynergizer said...

kate: thank you!

you'd die if you knew what we were mixing ... there's a reason i laughed so hard when he sampled it. :-)