Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Worth 1,000 words

One of the coolest things about posting the video of me and Ben cooking the other day was that it reminded me of the fact that our camera takes videos as well as pictures. I ignored it for quite some time because I didn’t have any way of getting the photos and videos off of the camera, so I figured, “Why bother taking them?” (How dumb is that?)

We are lucky that we got our camera as a gift, but if we didn’t already have one, I’d check out these Nikon D3s. One of my blogging friends was telling me the other day that if she wanted to share old pictures, she’d have to pull them out of albums and scan them. I wish she would — cause I’d really like to see them — but understand that it’s pretty inconvenient to have to do that. I’m so glad almost all of our important memories are in digital form.


Carrie Smith said...

Suzanne, I have a question for ya...your video for Hamilton beach mixer...did it get approved yet.

Mine was rejected because of the 3rd party link. It is in my post and I've double and triple checked it and so on so I know it's in my post but I must have done something wrong.
I noticed when I run my cursor over you hamilton beach badge (blue) in brings up the mixer image...mine won't do that for some reason...as a matter of fact yours is the only one I've seen that bring it up...maybe that's what's missing on mine.

anyway let me know (if you want)if you've been approved.

have a great day

thesynergizer said...

yeah, mine was approved. (TG!!!)

but i thought you didn't do this opp?

what is it that mine does that you want yours to do? can you link me to yours so maybe i can help you figure out what the problem is?

(ha ha, i never thought I'd be giving someone else help on this thing)

Carrie Smith said...

I found the problem on my video...(it wasn't the post).It is finally approved!

I have 2 awards for you :0)
come by and get them sometime

have a great day

Anna said...

If my scanner worked better - or if I knew how to use it better - I'd love to scan a bunch of pictures in. It would be nice to share, and it would also be nice to have the pictures in digital format so I can store them on a CD or DVD, or online somewhere, just as a back up.