Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Two to three

The difference between three and two is most obnoxious when dealing with six.


Well, say you have a package of six hot dogs. If there are only two people, then you get three meals out of them. But if there are three people, then they only last for two meals. And sure, Ben doesn't always eat a whole hot dog (sometimes he does!) but you can't just cook half of one, and so we end up finishing his food. This means we eat more than we would have if he weren't here, AND all of our food doesn't last as long.

We went to the farmers market this afternoon to try and get enough fresh fruits and veggies to keep us from having to go to the regular grocery store this week. Their stuff is better, and cheaper, and we don't come home with a whole bunch of junk food. We are really trying to eat better, (whole foods) and watch our budget at the same time. (Yeah, I know, but they are all natural 100 percent beef hot dogs with no nitrates, Ben loves them and they were on mega sale last week, OK?)

So tonight's dinner was: leftover mac & cheese made with real cheese, hot dogs, yellow squash, crackers and freshly pressed juice. Weird, but sastifying. And we successfully avoided my Happy Terriyaki craving. Now we just have to keep on having days like today and maybe we'll make it to January in one piece!

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