Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Late for my life

I came in to finsh up a few things at the office really quickly and got majorly distracted. It's a good kind of distracted, but seriously, I've been here for way too long and I'm sure my son is crying for me because it's getting pretty late. Have I mentioned how hard it is to balance work and home life so that I don't feel like I'm failing everyone around me? Everytime I try to get a special jump on one, the other suffers.

I am tired of trying to do it all, be it all, to everyone all of the time. Here's a special treat for those of you who read this blog instead of just my lj. Stephen applied for a full-time job this week. That was why we dragged the computer out, to get his resume information off of it. It's a massage job at a medical practice. It has benefits. I am practically drooling over this prospect. I don't know how we would make it work, but I am ready to make it work.

Wish him luck!


Jessi said...

Luck, luck, luck!

thesynergizer said...

thank you!!!

we are both really nervous. let's hope its ridiculously high paying, and close by.

oh, and that he gets it, of course!

*Kate said...


thesynergizer said...

Yeah, we're not holding our breath though. I hate to get my hopes up too much