Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Never buy a car the same day you start looking!

We realize now that we were pretty dumb to wander onto a new car lot after we'd been married for just two months. I was still in school and my husband was working full time, and had just gotten another job on the side. Our "just looking" trip ended with us buying a brand new car. We didn't know what we were doing at all. We didn't haggle the price, or even try to walk away. We let them bully us around and then we had car payments we couldn't afford. Thankfully, we at least like the car! That was five years ago, and our car is still providing everything we need. But we often think to the future, when we will have another baby (or two!) and our little Mazda will be on its last legs.

We both know a lot more now than we did then, and there's no way that we'd pay full price for a new car ever again. I mean, for one thing, you can do some shopping on line and come up with a Honda Car Quote so that you can at least walk in there and say, "Well, I saw that exact same car online for this price" and then you'll know if they are trying to rip you off. We also might just go with a used car next time. Especially if we can find one for cheap that will serve our needs. I shudder to think of myself driving some sort of gas-guzzling mini-van or SUV someday, but it may be unavoidable. If we end up with three kids, we just won't all fit in a Mazda Protege anymore.

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Carrie Smith said...

I did this opp as well, great job...well written.

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