Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Oh noez! Another etiquette question ...

The last one didn't go over well, but hopefully I won't get in too much trouble for asking about birthday party etiquette for a 2-year-old.

We decided that we wanted to have Ben's birthday at the Olympia Chuck E. Cheese for a number of reasons. It's not as far for everyone to drive. Ben and the other little kids will have a better time with something fun to do than just running around our teeny tiny house. My dad and step-mom are allergic to cats and couldn't come if it were at our house.

But just yesterday, it occured to me that we are probably expected to pay for everything. Isn't that how birthday parties work? The parents bring their kid with a present for your kid, but you buy their kid food and pay for some tokens? Stephen flicked me for not having thought of this. I already told a bunch of people that it was going to be there too, so I can't really back out now. Gulp. Maybe I'll ask my mom to get Ben a birthday party as his gift. (She won't want to. Her style is to get something that will continue to be used every day for a long time so he'll always remember that it was from Nana.)


*Kate said...

Yes ... you definitely have to pay!

It's not too late to back out, all you have to do is say, "it ended up being more expensive than we thought it would be."

How old will the kids be? I just went to a birthday party at an AmericInn. They had a little party room off of the pool.

Something like that might be an option, doesn't even have to be a hotel - maybe a party room in a community center with a gym?

Then it's not at your house, but you can bring your own food, and hopefully people will offer to bring food as well.

Is it too cold to be outside in Seattle? If not, you could rent a picnic shelter in a park ...

thesynergizer said...

Yes, it is too cold to be outside.

We will probably still do the Chuck E. Cheese idea but ask for financial help from a few select people in lieu of gifts.

kids range from babies to 7. and one 13 year old, but i count her as an adult.

thanks for weighing in.